Aerial View of Koh Phangan Airport 2015

New view of airport progress

Florenz Kittel, who has a business taking aerial videos, visited the site of Koh Phangan Airport in January 2015 to fly his drone over the site. He has kindly put his video footage on YouTube (

You can see the footage above. It clearly shows the area that has been cleared for the airport. If you look at the render published by Kan Air below you get an idea of how the airport will be laid out. Judging by the size of the trucks and builders’ huts on the ground, the area cleared clearly looks large enough to hold a runway as well as airport buildings.

The video clip also shows that alot of work has been done levelling the ground to make it suitable for building. As yet, it looks like little concrete has been poured. This obviously indicates that the airport completion is clearly at least 12 months away, if not longer.

The comments to the original YouTube video are mostly cynical about the new airport. On the other hand, the video does show that work is on-going, and that the airport is feasible as an engineering project.
Koh Phangan Airport

Kan Air Videos

A look at ‘kanairlines’ YouTube Channel

Kan Air has not only their own website at where you can reserve tickets on their scheduled flights around Changmai but they also have a YouTube channel.

There are only 5 videos currently on the channel (as of 4 Feb, 2013). The last video was uploaded in March 2012. The videos consist of media snippets and promo videos. The extent of the Kan Air online presence and visibility reflects the size of the company.

To make a comparison: Bangkok Air YouTube Channel has 501 subscribers and its 19 videos have been watched 795,596 times. Kan Air YouTube Channel has 12 subscribers and its 5 videos have been viewed 5,596 times.

There is no official footage of Koh Phangan airport yet. However that is soon to change. It will be interesting to see how well the change in Kan Air’s business will be reflected in their online output.

The video below starts with a bit of cheesy dance music that sounds like the Chemical Brothers but soon changes into flying muzak. You also get a clear idea of the size of plane that will be used in Koh Phangan. In the video it is a Cessna C208B Grand Caravan that holds 14 people. For Koh Phangan they are going to use similar sized planes but turbo prop style where the wing is lower on the craft.

The slogan for Kan Air is ‘Flying with Nature’ and the logo is a bird flying west. This features in the videos of Kan Air.


Finally, the take off section on the video shows the beauty to be seen when taking off from a tropical location. An ocean of lush colors receding as the plane ascends into blue skies.

Video of Koh Phangan Airport

First YouTube video of construction site uploaded

First published September 2012

The first YouTube video of the construction site of Koh Phangan Airport has been released. As of 28th November, 2012 the video has had 978 views. The video was uploaded 3 months ago.

That is a slow uptake for an interesting piece of footage. It could be that there is not much to see other than cleared and flattened jungle. It could also be that many of the potential new customers for the airport simply haven’t heard that an airport is being constructed. It could be the lack of quality listings that certain search engines put out nowadays.

If you watch the video above you will see that the airport is in an amazing location. It is on the side of a cliff, surrounded by thick jungle. Than Prapas is famous for its beauty and for its waterfall.

It is also noticeable how short the runway looks. The plan is for a runway 1,100 meters long. Distances can appear deceptive in the tropical light through a camera, so it is hard to tell whether the strip of land indicated on the video is indeed over 1,000 meters long.

Kan Air plans to build what it describes as a thatch roof check-in building. Like, we imagine the original Koh Samui Airport before it was upgraded and moved. The idea seems entirely appropriate to the location. People are going to be amazed by the location and facilities at Koh Phangan Airport. In short it is going to be considered a very ‘cool’ airport.

Finally, comment should be made about the video itself. I suspect it was taken by tourists who stumbled on the site when all the workers were away. The site is empty. It is not an official site. The authors clearly have a point to make when they state how lucky the landowners are in that area.

They are clearly right in thinking the airport will change that part of Koh Phangan. As with all these developments there are winners and losers. Discussing whether this right or wrong is politics. It is going to be the quality businesses and the people who have land in the right place that are going to do well. Not all land is valuable or sellable in Thailand.