Airplane Update

First published July, 2014

Kan Air reverts back to original plan

The Bangkok Post seems to periodically re-post the same story of Koh Phangan getting a new airport without referencing its earlier posts on the same news item. If they did then they would have noted that the most recent statement regarding the type of aircraft to be used has changed again.

The first announcements claimed that ATR 72 Turboprops would be used. Then it was claimed that the airplanes would be 4 leased Bombardier Q400 airplanes. This idea has been abandoned and the plan is now again to use 2 ATR 72 Turbo props according to a post on the Bangkok Post dated 1st July, 2014.

So far the airport has cost Kan Air 500 million Thai Baht. Although no concrete has yet been laid the airport terminal has been ‘started’. The Bangkok Post claims that the work is 70% completed. The estimated total bill for the airport construction is to be 1 billion Baht.

Finally, the latest claim for a completion date is ‘year-end’. This would be ideal to coincide with the peak season on Koh Phangan.